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The Deltas are a good choice for a framed kite that assembles quickly in the field. The only assembly is the horizontal stick called the spreader that holds the Delta open. Typically all other frame members remain in place during storage.

If you want to try your hand at kite making then the Delta would be a good first project. By providing two or more line attachment points on the keel the Delta's flying angle can be changed to fit the wind conditions.

Deltas up to 20 feet in span have been used for KAP. The 6 foot Deltas would be of little use except for very light non-radio rigs, they are a great size for Trains.

Flying Angle Line Pull @ 2Bft
6 ft. span?6 ft. span?
9 ft. span?9 ft. span?
12 ft. span?12 ft. span?
Sail Area Wind Range
6 ft. span9 ft26 ft. span1 - 3 Bft
9 ft. span21 ft29 ft. span1 - 3 Bft
12 ft. span36 ft212 ft. span1 - 3 Bft
Recommended Line Availability
6 ft. span50#2(See  Links   for plans and retailers)
9 ft. span100#2
12 ft. span200#2


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