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(Photo by Ralf Beutnagel)
The Dopero was designed by German KAPer Ralf Beutnagel. Dopero stands for Double Pearson Roller. The graphic design of the Dopero shown in the picture plays on this theme by creating the illusion of two Pearson Rollers, one behind the other, when in reality it is one kite. Plans for the original design and the Maxi Dopero were published in the Aerial Eye (1:3 & 3:3). Brooks Leffler has been promoting this kite's ability as a light wind lifter for several years. I finally broke down and bought a Dopero 100 OVK (open vented keel) from Peter Bults. I'll have to join Brooks and say that the Dopero is the best light wind kite I have ever flown. Looking a the numbers Peter Bults supplied the Maxi seems to have taken the Dopero's performance one notch higher.

Flying Angle Line Pull @ 2Bft
100 UL 60° - 70° 100 UL --0.0#
Maxi UL 55° - 60° Maxi UL 5# at 1Bft*
Sail Area Wind Range
100 UL . 100 UL 1 - 3 Bft
Maxi UL 73 ft2 (6.75 m2) Maxi UL 1 - 2 Bft
Recommended Line Availability
100 UL . Plans available
Maxi UL . Custom Doperos
(If you use this kite send your about it for inclusion below.)


David Hunt-- (August 2002) Looking at the data Peter Bults supplied above for the Ultra Light Maxi Dopero, the Maxi UL has got to be the all time best KAP lifter for light winds. Peter was lifting a 1# 3oz (540g) rig to 46° - 51°. Peter also made note that the Maxi Dopero tended to fly at progressively lower angles as the wind approached 3Bft.

Peter Bults--The DOPERO is a great KAP kite. I've build a XL-SUL version. It's span is 3.75m (12' 5"). The sail is made of Icarex P31. The kite's frame is carbon. The main bow is 8mm RCF, while all other parts are 6mm. The whole kite weighs only 700 grams !!! (1# 9oz.) for a sail area over 6m2 (64.6 ft2). The kites flies beautifully in conditions of just a little more than no wind up to .....(?), and it carries my Yashica T4 rig in low wind speeds.
Thanks again Ralf !!!

Josť Vladimir, Brazil (August, 2005)- It seems like a joke, but my maxi-dopero kite flies without wind, I don't feel wind on the ground [while the kite is still flying], incredible! It is really a nice kite.

I Build two dopero kites; 100 and maxi-dopero. I use bamboo spars, because in Brazil it is hard to find carbon fiber spars, and to import is too costly. With bamboo spars, the kite is very light and [resilient], it does not break as easily in a forced landing.