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Sutton Flow Form

Sutton Flow Form

Flow Forms (FF) are very popular among KAPERs. They have no spars and require no assembly before flying. A Flow Form can literally be in the air seconds after choosing a kite launch location. The Flow Form rolls up into a small bag that takes up little space in your field kit. The Flow Form has the simplest bridle of all the soft kites, with only 3 lines. One drawback of the FF is its low flying angle compared to the Dopero and the Deltas.

Most KAPers fly Flow Forms with a tail, the fuzzy tail being the easiest to make and the most popular. A "Y" Bridle must be used to attach the tail to the two loops at the outer and lower corners of the kite. Use 10 feet of line between the loops and attach the tail to the center so that it can not slip to either side.

Flow Form
Flying Angle Line Pull @ 2Bft
FF1640° - 45°FF1610#
FF3040° - 45°FF3025#
FF6040° - 45°FF60.
Sail Area Wind Range
FF1616 ft2FF161 - 4 Bft
FF3030 ft2FF301 - 4 Bft
FF6060 ft2FF601 - 4 Bft
Recommended Line Availability
FF16150#2(See  Links   for plans and retailers)


(If you use this kite send your about it for inclusion below.)


Henry Jebe- I use a FF16 and FF30. One of the subjects of my KAP is ships underway, mostly Alaska State Ferries. I use the FF16 for this most of the time as the 30 produces too much pull to safely manage from the deck of the ship (you have no way of chasing it down). The ship's speed with no wind on the water is just about right. I have shot a little with a strong following wind, but it is a little scary flying.

I like the ability of packing both sizes and all my KAP gear into a packsack to carry anywhere quickly and easily. Packs of several miles in the wilderness are easy and you are ready for KAP when you arrive.

I use my framed kites for closer to the car and light wind conditions.

Philippe Giboulot- I have a Sutton 30 since I broke a few spars on my 8 Rokkaku in some gusts.

My camera + rig + receiver batteries + video transmitter + video transmitter battery is above 3 pounds, as the camera is semi-professional. That is the reason why I need a 12mph stable wind to lift all these heavy electronics.

Once I have this 12mph wind, this kite is so reliable. I am using a trail for indeed a bit more stability.

I have a long distance (25 yards/25 meters) between the kite and the rig so that the kite catches stronger and more stable air in a higher altitude before producing its lifting effort.

Fantastic kite, it never let me down.