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KAPilot - KAPers version of Pilot 50

Sutton Flow Form

The KAPilot 50 is a modification of the Pilot 50 designed by Peter Lynn to act as "sky anchors" for his famous large inflatables. The bridle is slightly more complex than the Flow Form, with three attachment points on each keel. A KAPilot is a great value when compared to the price of a FF60.

Brooks Leffler was the first to use this kite for KAP. His observations indicate that the KAPilot 50 flies at a slightly higher angle than a Flow Form. He also comments; "It will lift a rig at about 5 mph, but might lift you at 20 mph. Use it for KAP in very light winds only. "

Brooks discovered that the Pilot 50 that is available at Gomberg Kites was too wobbly for KAP so Brooks re-designed the bridle and keels. The modified version is available from online. The Pilot 75 has also been modified by some KAPers, see Peter Bults' comment below.

Pilot 50
Flying Angle Line Pull @ 1Bft
Sail Area Wind Range
50 ft21 - 2 Bft*
Recommended Line Availability
(see Note)Available from The KAPshop.

* This is the useful KAP range. The Pilot can fly in higher winds with the proper line.

NOTE: If you are certain that the wind will not exceed 10mph you can get by with 200-250# line, otherwise use 500# line.


(If you use this kite send your about it for inclusion below.)


Peter Bults- (March 16, 2004)
The KAPilot is now my standard kite unless the wind is to low. Than the SUL Maxi Dopero comes in. In normal KAP winds the KAPilot is great. It keeps on flying no matter what the wind does, it is very reliable. Even when the wind speed slows down, the kite keeps on behaving very controllable. With the Leffler bridle I think you can fly this kite safely in 3 Bft with a 200-250 line.

Gerco de Ruijter uses a KAPilot and a Maxi KAPilot (a modified Pilot 75) with success but he uses a big&heavy rig ...