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Double Sled

Gomberg Super Sled

This is a very simple design. Smaller versions are often used in workshops as simple kites that kids can make and fly in one afternoon. Early issues of the aerial eye mentioned the sled as having great potential for KAP. I currently do not have any information on flight characteristics.

The Double Sled has the appearance of being a soft kite but there are spars the length of the cells. The spars in the Super Sled sold by Gomberg Kites are flexable enough to bend double.

Double Sled
Flying Angle Line Pull @ 1Bft
Sail Area Wind Range
40 ft2?
Recommended Line Availability
?40 ft2 available from Gomberg Kites.
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Richard Amirault - (March 16, 2004)
I have a few of these in various sizes. I have tried lifting my KAP rig a couple of times with them. One thing I have noticed is that occasionally the kite will develop a "pulsing" action (repeated jerking of the kite line) that makes firing the camera during a "calm" moment virtually impossible.

I don't know if it was the particular kite I was using, or maybe it may have been the particular kite plus the exact wind range that day, but it is a phenomena that I've noticed.

Bottom line, I've got enough other kites that I seldom pick the sleds anymore.